Augmented Reality is here, are you ready?

I spend much of my days working with customers looking to transform the way they work through immersive technology and virtual reality. Either it be film customers researching the future of storytelling or architects revolutionizing the pre-sales visualization process.

Why? Why go so above and beyond just to put your face into a headset and see the same 3D object on your monitor shoved in front of your eyes.. For most, its to see the unseen, feel the presence of their ideas in truer scale and have their clients \ peers step into the design without standing behind a power users chair.

Many of these projects are indeed special projects and repeatability is still an issue for most. However more and more I am seeing great success stories in enterprise and the cost of these projects are getting lower.. We still however have a long way to go. We need to continue to make this much more accessible and repeatable.

On the good side, I am seeing customers go from winning 1 out of 5 bids to 4 out of 5 resulting in millions in news sales. Scientists viewing molecules and seeing the unseen. Movie directors scouting 3D scenes and finding new "moments".. all in VR. Its just an awesome tool to experience your data \ story in an additional ways.

Meanwhile, wearable augmented reality (AR) is considered to be "coming soon", near future magic that will change everything. Well, guess what, its already here and its making a big impact now and you may be late to the game. Companies like GE, Boeing are already using AR to improve their workforce and I believe it will have a dramatic impact on our workforce in the world. With AR, these companies are seeing greater than 30% efficiency on tasks using AR vs without.

Why? Imagine wearing glasses that knew where you were, what your looking at and what your next task was and walk you through it. I could have really used that in my days of putting Ikea furniture together, Changing the oil filter or putting together Lego star wars. On a serious note, what about realtime operational feedback at a complex plant? wiring a jet engine? The use cases are endless.

This coupled with the advancement of Computer vision, Machine Learning and AI, the power you will have will be mind-boggling. Soon you will have super powers..Your glasses will just know what your looking at and give you relevant information. They will even learn your habits and adjust.

If your not researching how AR and Machine Learning together will impact your business, than you are behind.

How will this change the skilled worker?
How will this impact companies that utilize vs companies that don't?
What would you do to enable your staff to be more efficient?
When does this become a reality for the consumer and everyday life?

Frank DeLise
Research and Development, AR|VR, Machine Learning